What is Double Cleansing? Why is it good to Double Cleanse?

What is Double Cleansing? Why is it good to Double Cleanse?

Skincare is a must-have routine for every individual to ensure their skin is healthy and smooth. It is important to have a proper skincare routine, including cleansing and moisturizing to ensure that your skin is smooth. A comparatively new skincare ritual includes double-cleansing. This double cleansing procedure ensures that you have clean pores and will also provide excellent results.

You would wonder what double cleansing is. Well, let's talk about that.

Double cleansing is a cleansing ritual that is extracted from Korean skincare rituals. As you already know that cleansing your skin is absolutely important to ensure that you remove dirt and makeup from your skin properly. Most oil cleansers work incredibly well for moving the dirt and makeup but is that enough? In case there is any makeup or dirt left on your skin, it will result in skin break out.

Double cleansing is a much more effective method to clean your skin, and it is a lot more impressive. Also, it is simple to perform. You will essentially have to start with an oil cleanser that has to be strong enough to remove all the makeup and dirt buildup from your skin.

After removing the makeup and dirt, you can move forward with cleansing your face with water and another cleanser to ensure that all the pores are clean. This deep cleansing process will leave your face without makeup and will also deep clean the pores.

What is the benefit of double cleansing?

This two-step process provides you with deep cleansing. When all the harmful bacteria and makeup is removed from your skin, it will provide your skin a much healthier glow, and the texture of your skin will be smooth as well. When you apply your makeup on spotless skin, the products will sit on the skin even better, and the result will turn out amazing.

When to perform double cleansing?

If you regularly apply makeup on your skin, then it is better to go for cleansing your face every day. Removing your makeup using deep cleaning is more preferable. If you have sensitive skin or you have Eczema, it is better first to remove all the makeup and cleanse your skin with water. Once that is done, you can use an oil-based cleanser for removing makeup and dirt buildup. However, for oily skin double cleanser is much more helpful and provides excellent results.

The oil-based cleanser used for double cleansing should include natural oil to ensure that the dirt is removed properly. Try to find out an oil cleanser that does not have alcohol or any fragrance as it can irritate your skin. The pH level of the oil cleanser matters a lot to ensure that it is maintaining the pH balance on your skin as well.

How does double cleansing make a difference?

When you are planning for double cleansing, it will eventually reduce the breakouts and will also clean the pores. Not only is it great for oily skin, but it will also provide excellent results for dry and sensitive skin.

As mentioned before, for the best results we highly recommend double cleansing before starting your skincare routine. Take a look at our entire collection of different oil-based cleansers. If you’re still not sure which one to add to your routine, feel free to contact us

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