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My skin is very very dry because of accutane and nothing helped, this essence is litteraly my holy grail, after 2 weeks my skin is soo hydrated, and no flakes anymore!!

Calming and Barrier

This mask really calms down the skin and helps with the strength of the skin barrier! Really lightweight and not an heavy essence at all!

Calming and Barrier

This mask really calms down the skin and helps with the strength of the skin barrier! Super lightweight and not heavy or stuffy at all!

Most Amazing Pads!

These pads are soooo gentle yet soooo effective! They calm down my acne and pimples! They are very refreshing and the cotton is really soft. It doesn't pull/tug or irritate my skin at all!

Amazing Masks

These masks are really comfy, hydrating and really help with the breakouts! My acne was more calm and subsided after use!

Great colour story and glitters

Love #03 Rosebud Garden. I'm quite pale with pink undertones so this palette is perfect for my natural eyeshadow looks. You can create several different looks with the shades and they mix and match well. The glitters are easy to apply using my fingers and look stunning. The pigmentation is also amazing and there is no fallout!

#00 Light & Glitter Garden is the perfect glitter palette. It has all the colours that I need. There are various types of glitters within the palette but even the chunkier glitters feel light on the eyelids and do not irritate the skin or have fallout. A must-have for anyone who loves glittery eyeshadow!

Pretty natural lip tint

#18 mulled peach is a very pretty neutral colour on me that I often use on my natural makeup days. The pigmentation is good and the applicator is easy to use.

Favourite lip tints

This was my introduction to ROM&ND and I've been in love with the brand ever since. Is easy to use and the colour looks so natural. The colour last throughout the day and only needs a touch up when eating or drinking. I'm pale and #6 FIGFIG comes out a neutral red on me that I've been complemented for several times :)

Very nice

Love the colour on my lips and it does not feel heavy. The applicator is also quite good and easy to shape the lips. Would buy again!

Best lip product I've ever used

Repeating the title but this product is absolutely incredible. I only need to apply it once and it keeps my lips moisturised the entire night. Really great at moisturising as well as it lasts a really long time since you only need to use a tiny amount at a time.


Feels refreshing but I'm not the biggest fan of the application of peeling off one side of the mask.

Highly recommend!

Doesn't feel like I'm even wearing the patches since it's thin but it works so well. It absorbs really effectively and my pimples are greatly reduced after using the patches overnight!

Works really well

I use it overnight and I find the longer you wear the patches the more is absorbed. Is really easy to use and is well packaged. Will continue to use.


My skin has a noticeable difference after using this product along with my breakouts have started to diminish. One pump is enough to cover my whole face and it absorbs quickly into the skin so I don't have to wait for a while to apply my other products within my skincare routine.

Very moisturising

I've used several hydrating moisturisers but this one feels the most hydrating on the skin. I have a combination skin type with very dry areas, of which this product has helped greatly in reducing the levels of dryness on my skin. Highly recommend!

Definitely recommend!

Started double cleansing recently and this cleansing balm takes off all of my makeup, leaving a good base for my water cleanser. I like that it comes with a small spatula to help use the product in a sanitary way and also shows me how much product I'm using at a time. You really only need to use a tiny bit of it in order to clean the whole face.

Very hydrating

This moisturiser is really easy to use and a little goes a long way. I've brought it twice now and a container lasts around 2-3 months for me. I have combination type skin and it helps keep the dry areas hydrated without disturbing the oily areas. Overall a lovely product that I recommend for anyone searching for a hydrating moisturiser.

So happy they sell this here

Excellent serum for dark spots. Doesn’t burn the skin at all, which is great for my sensitive skin. Lasts quite a long time and has a great pump for the product. It definitely leaves the skin hydrated and I honestly can’t even feel it on my skin sometimes, nice and light weight.

Works really well!

I bought this for my little sister, she had quite a bit of dandruff and I got this in hope that it would make her dandruff disappear and it did! She is really happy with this product and doesn’t worry about her hair for school anymore. Definitely a confidence boost for her.

There’s a reason why it’s a cult favourite

I’ve been looking for a toner that had both BHA and AHA and came across this one and it really is a miracle toner. It feels really soothing and cooling on the skin. I can tell my skin feels and looks better after a few days.

One of the best chemical exfoliators

I have sensitive skin and was told to use this product 2 to 3 times a week, it doesn’t hurt my skin at all and it really does work fast. This is definitely one of the best I’ve tried so far.

Really good product

Started double cleansing and this balm is seriously good at cleaning the oils off without leaving the skin dry afterwards. I have sensitive skin and this product is a game changer for me. Highly recommend!

love the glitters

The glitters in the pallete are so pretty and easy to use


Absolutly love this facial cream as it leaves my skin feeling soft and glowing. It’s moisterizing while not feeling heavy on the skin.


Love the cleaning it provides to my skin both in the morning and in the evening.