Brand Spotlight: UNLEASHIA

Unleashia Brand Spotlight

The new up-and-coming makeup brand Unleashia is making serious waves in the K-beauty industry right now, bringing out your unique inner shine to make you truly feel special. Specializing in glitter cosmetics inspired by glamorous festival vibes, Unleashia takes your glam to the next level even if you want to just go for an everyday look. Read on to find out more about all this dazzling brand has to offer!

Glitter Essentials

If you love glitter and eye makeup, their Glitterpedia Eye Palette is a must-have! Arranged with nine shades each, every palette comes with a range of neutral, colorful and highlighting tones as well as various shimmers, sparkles and gemstones to create plenty of different looks depending on the mood or occasion. If you prefer simplistic eye makeup.

Their Tap Me Palette Duo comes with only two shades, a color and a shimmer which may also be used as a highlighter. Not just easy to carry around but multifunctional too! Additionally. T

Get Loose Glitter Gel is the perfect product to truly elevate your look. Able to be applied anywhere on the body, these gels are not just incredibly gorgeous and fun but also versatile! There are currently a total of seven different color options available, ranging from stunning silvers and golds to vibrant pinks and purples. If you are new to using glitter in your makeup,

Their beginner-friendly Pretty Easy Glitter Stick is a great product to start with. Especially handy if you are an on-the-go type of person or simply fancy a quick and easy application. The stick, like the Tap Me Palette Duo, can be used as a standalone eyeshadow or facial highlighter to make your features shine. 

Lip Essentials

Lip tints are widely popular among the K-beauty industry, and Unleashia has no shortage of them. Their Non Sticky Dazzle Tint, which is infused with finely milled diamonds and sapphire glitters that shine from all angles, blends with your natural lip color and doesn’t fade or darken over time. It is also formulated with natural oils, eight types of hyaluronic acids and olive squalene to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. This tint comes in eight beautiful shades to enhance your daily or glam makeup look. If you prefer a more subtle and soft finish.

Their Hug Velvet Tint is for you! Its featherweight, velvety texture delivers a cushiony finish and has a blurring effect on the wrinkles of your lips. For a double glam effect, you can layer this with the Non Sticky Dazzle Tint.

Last but not least, have you tried their Glacier Vegan Lip Balm yet? It is the perfect blend between a gloss and balm, keeping your chapped lips moisturized while illuminating them with
multidimensional light-reflecting shimmers for the perfect natural winter spark! Infused with shea butter and several vitamins, it cares for your lips while making them look deliciously healthy. 

unleashia Glitterpedia Eyepalette

Other Essentials 

Although known for their creative glam and glitter, Unleashia offers a wide range of other cosmetic products to top it all off. With Minest Double Lash Up Mascara, you can create a doll-like look for your lashes. Comes in the colors black and brown.

Get the perfect feather brows with their Shaper Pomade Eyebrow Fixer which brushes your brow hairs up with a strong hold that lasts the entire day! Use in combination with the Shaper Defining Eyebrow Pencil for the best results.

Cover any skin blemishes and imperfections with their Minest Hold On Tight Concealer, and
celebrate your everyday with their new Satin Wear Healthy-Green Cushion foundation which comes in a compact case along with a puff for easy and smooth application. The all-in-one case (yes, including a mirror!) makes it incredibly easy to carry around and use for touch ups wherever you go. Its silky texture leaves a natural glow and like all Unleashia products, it is vegan & cruelty-free.

Are you ready to get creative with all the universe of Unleashia has to offer? Try it now at YaoSkin x Unleashia

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