Besides K-pop idols, dramas and food, Korean culture is widely known for its skincare and makeup. Many people are in love with Korean beauty and their looks have been trending for some time now. It is the reason why we, at YaoSkin, were thrilled to introduce our first batch of Korean makeup with you. Check out Romand, stylized as Rom&nd, here!

But what exactly is the Korean beauty look? It is a look with a complexion so flawless, a skin so dewy, and a vibe so youthful that it has become popular throughout all of Asia! To help you achieve the natural and effortlessly gorgeous look we’ve put together a quick and easy, beginner-friendly skincare and makeup tutorial.

1. Prep your skin with a moisturizer

Koreans are famous for their glassy skin as opposed to the Western matte finish, but it is not really created with highlighters and high coverage foundation. Since Koreans prefer more natural-looking makeup, the key is to build a skincare routine that keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated so that it is glowing even without any coverage. Find a moisturizer that works best for your skin type and apply it as the first layer to your makeup routine.

2. Sun protection

With Asia’s tropical climate, sunscreen is a vital step in about any Korean beauty routine. The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause wrinkles, uneven skin tone and even skin cancer. Just because you live in a cold or cloudy area doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there! Clouds don’t block UV rays contrary to popular belief, so it is highly recommended to not skip this step no matter where you live.

3. Base makeup

Instead of heavy foundation, Koreans usually settle for BB cream or a cushion compact. Both combine makeup and skincare into one convenient formula of which the latter, as mentioned, is an important aspect of K-beauty. The small, all-in-one packaging of cushion compacts are especially handy if you travel frequently or are always on the go! Use patting motions when applying with a cushion or blender to prevent streaking and give you a dewy finish. A concealer is not necessary in a Korean makeup look, but if you have any stubborn blemishes such as dark under eye circles, acne scars or redness, you can use a concealer to save your day.

4. Eye makeup

Koreans prefer neutral colors on the eyelids rather than having makeup too obviously piled on., think of shades like brown, pink and coral. They also love glitters and sparkles! Just apply some shimmer on the center of your eyelids and below your lower lash line to create the effect of having ‘aegyo sal’ or cute eye bags. Koreans make it a point to highlight this area as it gives off the vibe as if you’re always smiling. Finish with a winged eyeliner, with the outer end of your line slanted downwards if you want to go for the ‘puppy eye’ look, and a coat of mascara. You can also try experimenting with the color of your eyeliner. Black tends to give off a stronger vibe than brown, for example, which is why many Koreans use brown eyeliner instead for a more natural finish.

5. Brows

Koreans love straight brows with a slight arc near the end, using light strokes to fill them in so they look as natural as possible. Remember to blend out harsh edges with a spoolie.

6. Blush

Apply a blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it to make it look like the glow is coming naturally from within.

7. Lips

Koreans prefer glossy lip finishes over matte ones to complement their dewy skin and shimmery eyes. They like to accentuate these features to make up for the otherwise mundane look and the pop is what makes their looks so mesmerizing! A common technique used is the ‘gradient lip’, achieved by using a darker shade on your inner lips and blending it outwards to create a gradient effect. This can be done using either a lip brush, cotton bud or simply your finger.

8. Mist

To keep your face moisturized throughout the day and maintain the dewy look without smudging your makeup, you can spray some facial mist on your face and voilà!


Romand, stylized as Rom&nd, is a Korean beauty brand that has impressed us recently! Created in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist and YouTube star Saerom Min, commonly known as Gaeko, Rom&nd has exploded on the beauty scene with its stunning visuals, lust-worthy colors and perfectly curated products.

Their Juicy Lasting Tints are among one of their best-selling products, coming in various shades and providing long-lasting wear that stays on all day. They are glossy but not oily at all, formulated with moisturizing ingredients to prevent your lips from forming creaks or drying out.

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