Klairs Fundamental Eye Care Set

Klairs Fundamental Eye Care Set

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Take extra good care of your eyes with this wonderful 2-step eye care set from Klairs. The Klairs Eye Awakening Gel, which contains caffeine and red bean extract to keep your eye area clean and fresh. It improves dark circles and reduces puffy bags under the eyes. The Klairs Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter contains sunflower oil, which is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E, to protect the thin skin around the eyes. 

At the same time it contains peptides (acetylhexapeptide-8, copper tripeptide-1, oligopeptide-29, oligopeptide-32), which have an anti-aging effect and repair small wrinkles. With the Eye Awakening Gel, which gives a cool and moisturizing feeling, and a soft, buttery, textured eye butter, you can perform a flawless 2-step eye care.

This set comes with:

Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

  • A gel moisturizer containing caffeine and red bean extract to keep your eye area clean and fresh.
  • It improves dark circles and skin tone while helping with de-puffing and anti-oxidizing.
  • The gel applies with a cool and hydrating sensation to provide a refreshing finish.

Klairs Fundamental Eye Butter

  • A nourishing eye butter enriched with a blend of peptides to improve fine lines and skin elasticity.
  • Protects thin and weak skin around eye area without a greasy finish.
  • Features butter-like texture that absorbs quickly and can be applied even before makeup.

Note: This set doesn't come in a giftbox and are full-sized products.