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Beautiful palette

The perfect palette both for a night on the town and everyday life. I got the mahogany garden one and have gotten tons of compliments especially regarding the glitters.

My favorite vitamin c serum!

I've had to repurchase this Klairs serum a couple of times, since it has become my favorite serum.

Favorite sunscreen

I have tried a lot of different sunscreen, but keep coming back to this one, since it leaves my skin dewy and nice. Which makes it perfect to use under makeup!


Love the mask even a bit more because it's vegan. Leaves my skin super soft and hydrated.


This cleanser leaves my skin clean yet not the squeaky clean. Personally I only use this one in the morning because I feel it is a little too light to strip all the junk (sunscreen, dirt etc.) from the whole day. But totally love it and recommend.


This cream is light weight yet not too light. Leaves my skin supee soft ans hydrated. And the textureeeee!!! Amazing!!


This serum is the perfect layer in between other serums or moisturizer. It holds the moisture in my skin and makes sure that whenever my skin is acting up it speeds up the recovery. An absolute must have!

I really love this product. It absorbs into my skin and makes it shine. It's a great moisturizer.

Best lip tint ever!

#06 FIGFIG is such a nice color a color that u can wear daily.
It's pretty watery but it dries fast makes ur lips very soft which I didn't expect.
Sadly it doesn't stay long on ur lips it does transfer.

Amazing Cleanser!

So far one of the best gel cleaners I've used. It's great for daily usage and for all skin types. Recommend!!!

so gentle :)))

I’ve been trying different chemical exfoliaters last year. From The Ordinary to Clinique, but they were all too harsh for my sensitive skin… When I saw this I immediately knew I should buy it. And it works so well! I don’t have irritations at all :) highly recommended for sensitive skin <3


I’ve been using the lipmask since 2020, and omg it lasts for so long😭😭 I just recently bought a new one. You can use it only at night but I also use it as an lipbalm. Works wonders! The grapefruit one is my fav ;)

low key best mask ever

bought this mask even though I was scared of it drying my skin out.. But it worked perfectly!! My skin feels smooth afterwards without the dry feeling, amazing! <3

I first used the beauty of joseon dynasty cream and I liked that one, but I think this one is even better. The consistency of the cream is very much like pudding but it smoothes out once you apply it on your skin. It leaves my skin very moisturized and plump looking.

Great product

This serum worked really well for me. It gave my skin a nice glow. Waiting for it to be restocked to buy it again since I spilled mine….
But would definitely recommend

Lightweight, clean cream

I really love this cream as it feels very lightweight and moisturizing. It absorbs well into the skin :)


i work a job where im on my feet a lot, so my feet are always in need of a little foot mask!
using the mask was pretty easy, although a tad too big for my feet, but nothing a pair of socks on top couldn’t fix! i followed the instructions and within a day my skin started peeling. it didnt hurt at all and lasted for about a week snd afterwards my feet were. softer snd happier than theyve ever been, highly recommend!

only patches i use!,

been struggling with acne for ages and used to pop my pimples causing me to get a ton of acne scars. then i discovered this product and its been a lifesaver! i apply the patch on any ready pimple and wake up with the pimple gone, the patch filled and no scarring left on my face!

It's magic

A breakout doesn't scare me anymore

Try this out!

I have used medical shampoo and other stuff that you get from the first practitioner (huisarts). Those products they gave me made my scalp feel better but eventually my hair lost it's natural colour so I stopped using them.

I've been using this scalp scrub for a long time now and it my hair stronger.
My scalp feels much better after a shower. I think I am going to use this product for the rest of my life ^_^

Absorbs quickly

This product absorbs so well I love it!

for that glow

It's a kinda sticky serum. I use it AM and PM. I do feel like I have less acne and it makes my skin glow, without it being greasy. i use it before my moisturizer, as it does absorb nicely.


I used this twice a day, but that was a little bit too much. Now I only use it in my night routine and it's amazing. It makes my skin feel very smooth and soft. It doesn't dry out my skin, but i do feel it's not as moisturizing as other toners.

Fav sunscreen so far

I have used loads of different sunblocks. Including La roche posay, utrasun etc. This is the only one that works amazingly beneath and on top of make up. it's more like a light weight moisturizer. Yaoskin recommended it to me! I'm very acne prone and this is the only one yet that doesn't make me break out. it gives a nice glow and doesn't sting around the eyes like most chemical sunblocks do. No whitecast. Definitely rebuying it!