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Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream
Patricia Georgette Bouvy

this is the top of cream. I apply for the night and in the morning my skin is smooth and not dry. is like after a spa treatment. you need very le to have a perfect result.

COSRX AHA BHA Vitamin C Daily Toner
Patricia Georgette Bouvy
every day

yes , this product is just top. smell beautifully and not dry the skin.


just perfect for the day ask the night. very light creme.

very little

little bottle but very surprise, very easy to apply not fate and dry very quickly. For a sensitive skin to reaction.

I'm From Rice Serum
Patricia Georgette Bouvy
beautifull botle

The product is very nice, no fate, smell good and easy to apply.

Sososo good

it is so good because it doesn’t have a scent and just moisturises the skin so well which leaves you mega glowy

nice and gentle

it is great if you have sensitive skin and don’t want to irritate it


if u like glitter GET THIS ASAP

really nice

i love the dispenser but it’s a bit thick for my liking

so glowy

it will leave you super glowy

super hydrating

super nice and calm moisturiser

the best lip product ever

i literally use it as my everyday lipbalm/gloss

really worth the money

you can immediately feel it working


it leaves your skin without ANY dirt like literally squeaky clean


it is super nice to give your skin that break

super hydrating

it really gives your skin the occasional boost it needs

super hydrating

it’s a super hydrating serum that immediately gives you a glow

Soft Hydrated Skin

This essence is a dream come through. I frequently exfoliate with AHAs BHAs and need something to balance out the PH on my face. This essence is a god sent. It leaves my combination skin feeling super soft and hydrated!

Miracle Worker

Bought this to use it on myself to avoid picking my skin. However, I ended up using it on my boyfriend's skin because he was having a terrible pimple flare. This little patches were miracle workers. In less than 24 hours, the patches dried the pimples. Will definitely repurchase!

Great sunscreen for price point

Really good sunscreen. Had to try it because it was Hyram approved. Good price point for the quality of the sunscreen. Ideal for combination to dry skin. Works perfect for me in spring / fall / winter, when my face needs more hydration. In summer (or if you have oily skin) I would avoid this sunscreen as it might make you greasy.

So Sparkly

This palette is soo pretty! It's super sparkly and lots of people have complemented my eye looks when wearing these glitters. I does have a bit of fall out but I mean it's glitter. The shade I choose was 'All the Glitter'

Love it

Great lip colour for your every day kind of look. The colour pay off is subtle and not too much in your way, the consistency of the product is also lovely. Higly recommend.


Such a fantastic glitter palette, I use it all the time! You don't even need a brush for good application, you can just just your finger. Perfect choice of glitters :-)


I really like this product, its different from what i have used before, it worked very well for my skin

Price & quality ratio — 10/10

I’ve been using this patches for a while, and this is the best thing that have ever happens to me in spot treatment realm! Dare to wear the patch until it really gets white — your problem is almost gone! As a person who also is very very keen on picking the skin, it helps to distract me, whenever I want to touch my face, because the pimple becomes almost invisible or at least already being treated;)) Highly recommend!